Pay Our Interns Launches #2020InternPledge — Presidential Pledge on Internships

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Trevor Smith
May 8, 2019

Pay Our Interns Launches #2020InternPledge — Presidential Pledge on Internships

Washington, D.C. – Pay Our Interns (POI) is proud to announce the creation of a bipartisan 2020 Presidential Pledge. This pledge will be sent to all confirmed presidential candidates, regardless of party, for their review and signature. The pledge will require a commitment from signers to: 1) offer paid internship opportunities on their campaign and 2) raise awareness of unpaid internships as an urgent issue across the country.

Over the past two years, POI has worked with Congress to successfully launch new paid internship programs in the Senate and House of Representatives. During those efforts, POI also collaborated with the DNC and DCCC and helped both committees transition their internship programs from unpaid to paid. These victories have created thousands of paid opportunities for individuals to participate in public service. Now, with the presidential election season in full swing, POI believes each 2020 candidate should follow in Congress’s footsteps.

“Candidates that sign our pledge are addressing an often overlooked issue facing millions of young adults across America,” said Guillermo Creamer Jr., co-founder of Pay Our Interns. “Unpaid internships favor only those who can afford them and they roll back diversity and inclusion efforts. Here at POI, we’ve long known our advocacy for paid internships lies at the crossroads of the student loan crisis and the high cost of college attendance. We believe that by addressing unpaid internships during the 2020 cycle, we will advance the conversation on those critical issues as well.”

This is the first time POI has decided to engage in a national election. The organization believes this pledge will spark a long overdue conversation on unpaid internships that currently exist in every sector of our workforce.

Carlos Mark Vera, POI’s co-founder said, “Unpaid internships create a systemic barrier for individuals that prevents them from taking advantage of opportunities their rich counterparts can afford. We also know that the prevalence of unpaid internships disproportionately affects people of color. Pay Our Interns looks forward to working alongside the candidates that decide to sign onto our pledge. Their public commitment will push this issue to the forefront of the ongoing national conversation.”

Any candidate who wishes to sign the 2020 Presidential Pledge is encouraged to publicly announce their commitment to this issue both on and off their social media channels. We will be actively working with the candidates who sign the pledge and will assist them as much as possible. We look forward to future campaign cycles where unpaid internships are the exception, rather than the rule.


Pay Our Interns is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that advocates for more paid internships and expanding workforce development opportunities among youth. A student’s socioeconomic status should not be a barrier to getting real-world work experience. POI is headquartered in Washington, D.C. For more information visit

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