Here’s How a 24-Year-Old Former House Intern Finally Got Congress to Pay Its Interns

By Guillermo Creamer|September 27, 2018|In the News|

Carlos Mark Vera’s non-profit, Pay Our Interns, hit one of its major policy goals before its second birthday. DC is populated in part by a rotating cast of interns, blazer-outfitted, ambitious, and all too often, unpaid. For Congressional interns, that changed Thursday, when the House followed the Senate and passed a “minibus” spending bill that allocated $13.8 million for interns’ salaries in both chambers. The bill should pass into law

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Pay Up: House And Senate Allocate Funds To Pay Interns

By Guillermo Creamer|September 10, 2018|In the News|

On Wednesday, the U.S. House Appropriations Committee allocated $8.8 million to pay its interns in a 2019 spending package. The decision follows just a few months after the Senate Appropriations Committee included $5 million for intern pay in the legislative branch appropriations bill. Negotiations continue on other parts of the bill. Read More