The Atlantic: Congress May Finally Be Feeling the Shamefulness of Unpaid Hill Internships

By Guillermo Creamer|April 26, 2018|In the News|

The legislature will have to study the effect of this long-standing practice, while renewed attention to the issue is bringing it out of the shadows. The teams favorite line: “But one scrappy, not-quite-two-year-old non-profit group, called Pay Our Interns, has popped up to crusade for a very specific usage: paying congressional interns.” Thank you to The Atlantic for highlighting what we do. Read the piece here: Link  

ROLL CALL: We Can’t Afford Not to Pay Interns (OPINION)

By Guillermo Creamer|April 25, 2018|In the News|

This issue is too important to ignore, Sen. Chris Van Hollen writes For the first time a sitting Senator has taken the time to express why paid internships are so important. Since his second month in office Sen. Van Hollen has joined us in our efforts to get interns paid. Check out what the Senator has to say: Link

ROLL CALL: New Push for Senators to Pay Their Interns

By Guillermo Creamer|April 25, 2018|In the News|

“Advocates say the time is right for offices to stop relying on free labor” News about Pay Our Interns Senate Push was received by every single Congressional Office through the well known Roll Call news. We are happy to report positive phone calls happening after this article was published. Read the article here: Link